WednesdayMar 29, 2023 10:30 am

Market Analysis Endorsement Boosts Prospects of OTR Shipping Optimizer Freight Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: FRGT)

The multi-billion dollar commerce in B2B international exports within the USMCA (formerly NAFTA) North American trading compact as well as likewise valuable domestic shipments represents a massive market Freight Technologies, also known as Fr8Tech, is innovating tech solutions for shipping efficiency within the USMCA territory The company’s flagship offering under its suite of technology-based solutions is branded Freight App, Inc. (or Fr8App) — a cloud-based freight matching platform that connects producers and carriers and helps them track shipments in real time Investment and research firm Chardan Capital Research recently issued a buy rating for Fr8Tech that highlights the company’s value…

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MondayMar 27, 2023 11:15 am

CISO Global Inc. (NASDAQ: CISO) Committed to Building Client Trust, Attains ‘Highest Standard’ with SOC 2 Certification

CISO achieves SOC 2 Type II certification following annual audit President says company is committed to building relationships of trust with clients Achieving certification symbolizes commitment to safeguarding customers’ data As an industry leader in global cybersecurity and compliance services, CISO Global (NASDAQ: CISO), formerly Cerberus Cyber Sentinel Corp., recently reached a significant milestone ( The company announced that it has achieved SOC 2(R) Type II certification following its annual SOC 2 Type II audit. “We believe that the relationship with our clients must be built on trust,” said Ashley Devoto, president and chief information security officer of Cerberus Sentinel.…

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FridayMar 24, 2023 9:45 am

Lexaria Bioscience Corp. (NASDAQ: LEXX) Patented DehydraTECH(TM) Drug Delivery Technology Demonstrates Growing List of Potential Applications as Evidenced Through Numerous R&D Programs

DehydraTECH(TM) is suitable for use with a wide range of product formats, including pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and over-the-counter capsules, pills, tablets, topicals, oral suspensions and more The patented technology increases the speed of onset, bioavailability, brain absorption, and reduces drug administration costs Lexaria currently has multiple R&D programs – yielding successful results and further opportunities for additional study models Lexaria Bioscience (NASDAQ: LEXX), a global innovator of drug delivery platforms, is increasing bioavailability and improving the way that active pharmaceutical ingredients (“APIs”) enter the bloodstream by promoting more effective oral delivery with its patented DehydraTECH(TM) technology. DehydraTECH is suitable for use…

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FridayMar 24, 2023 9:00 am

CNS Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ: CNSP) Hits Key Milestone in Global GBM Clinical Trial with the Enrollment of First Patient in Spain

CNS recently enrolled the first patient in Spain in its ongoing global trial evaluating its lead drug candidate, Berubicin, for the treatment of recurrent glioblastoma multiforme (“GBM”) This milestone is the culmination of years of meticulous planning and execution The enrollment of this first patient follows the opening of 37 clinical trial sites of the 59 sites selected across the United States, Italy, France, Spain and Switzerland CNS Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: CNSP), a clinical stage biotechnology company specializing in the development of novel treatments with a focus on brain cancer, glioblastoma and neuro-oncology, just enrolled its first patient in Spain, marking…

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WednesdayMar 22, 2023 10:30 am

Freight Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: FRGT) Announces Update for Fr8TMS, Focusing on Cross-Border Shipping and Freight Movement Within USMCA Region

Fr8Tech aims to revolutionize the commercial trucking industry by introducing logistics and transportation technology catered to moving freight within the USMCA region more efficiently and cost-effectively The update includes several new features and improvements, including real-time tracking and monitoring of shipments, which will allow shippers to see exactly where their freight is at all times and receive notifications for delays Fr8Tech projects that during 2023, it will hit revenues between $36 million and $42 million, compared to preliminary 2022 revenue of approximately $26 million to $27 million Freight Technologies (NASDAQ: FRGT) (“Fr8Tech”), a technology company developing solutions to optimize and…

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TuesdayMar 21, 2023 9:45 am

First Results from Lexaria Bioscience Corp. (NASDAQ: LEXX) Study Show Marked Gains in Blood Pressure Reduction over Generic CBD Controls

Drug delivery platform developer Lexaria Bioscience has developed its patented DehydraTECH(TM) as a means of transforming pharmaceuticals that increases their bioavailability and speed of efficacy Ongoing testing of DehydraTECH in combination with cannabidiol (“CBD”) is analyzing DehydraTECH’s responsiveness to hypertension conditions that are targeted in heart disease and stroke therapies Partial results from the company’s first study indicate Lexaria’s DehydraTECH platform, when processed with CBD, reduces blood pressure and does so much more rapidly when compared with the generic CBD controls The complete results of the study will be produced as sample and data analyses work are completed  Lexaria is…

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ThursdayMar 16, 2023 10:30 am

8X Upside Projected for Freight Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: FRGT)

Leading Investment Research Firm Maintains Buy Rating Citing strong revenue growth and expectations to ramp through 2025, Chardan Capital Research just issued a new report maintaining its buy rating for Freight Technologies (NASDAQ: FRGT) (“Fr8Tech”) and pegs the stock at about 8X current levels. In the report, Chardan states in part, “… Freight Technologies is applying a proven solution to a legacy sector; upside remains compelling from current levels.” A big part of what makes Freight Technologies so compelling is the transformative nature of its technology that’s modernizing the antiquated systems of an extremely important industry – cross border North…

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TuesdayMar 14, 2023 9:00 am

Lexaria Bioscience Corp. (NASDAQ: LEXX) Encouraged by Positive Findings from its DIAB-A22-1 Animal Model Study on Potential DehydraTECH-CBD(TM) Treatment for Diabetes

Lexaria’s DIAB-A22-1 animal model study just concluded, highlighting three positive outcomes, including an improvement in general activity, significant reductions in body weight, and improved triglyceride and cholesterol levels The study was undertaken by a third-party testing laboratory in Canada involving 24 obese and eight lean rats for a total of 32 male Zucker rats The success of this DIAB-A22-1 study marks a significant milestone for Lexaria, even as it continues to explore its patented DehydraTECH(TM) technology application in various other areas, including nicotine replacement, epilepsy, hypertension, dementia and more With its unique product offering, a growing list of patents, and…

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FridayMar 10, 2023 9:00 am

Lexaria Bioscience Corp. (NASDAQ: LEXX) Releases Additional Findings From Human Clinical Study, Demonstrating DehydraTECH(TM)-CBD Effects on Hypertension

The global antihypertensive drugs market was valued at around $20.5 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach $39.5 billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 2.95% Lexaria’s patented DehydraTECH(TM) technology is designed to formulate and deliver lipophilic drugs and active pharmaceutical ingredients (“APIs”), increasing effectiveness and improving how drugs are delivered into the bloodstream DehydraTECH is suitable for use with a wide range of product formats, including pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and over-the-counter capsules, pills, tablets, or oral suspensions Lexaria is continuing to evaluate the results of its HYPER-H21-4 human clinical study and will report additional findings as they become…

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WednesdayMar 08, 2023 9:00 am

Freight Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: FRGT) Making Fleet Tracking Technology More Accessible to Consumers; Grows its Fr8Fleet Size and Strengthens Fleet Management Offering

Freight Technologies Inc. (Fr8Tech), a company developing solutions to optimize and automate the supply chain process, believes that technology can help streamline operations, improve safety, and increase efficiency within the fleet-tracking industry This outlook has informed the innovation and overall improvement of its fleet management offering, guaranteed improved customer service, and reduced operational costs, and contributing to the company’s growth Fr8Tech’s management is optimistic that as more people get to know and appreciate fleet technology, the company will continue to experience a steady and sustained growth in demand for its offerings, ultimately defining it as the go-to brand and platform…

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